Monday, January 26, 2009

quotes from Julia (Child)

I have been reading Julia Child's My Life In France, and have been enjoying it.
Her way of writing flows so very well, and is engagingly entertaining.

She and her husband Paul spent two years in Norway, and her description of Norwegians reminded me so much of the ones I know (er, my family):
"There were ... more redheads per square meter than anywhere else I'd ever been. Every Norwegian seemed to be good-looking and healthy, and to have an air of uncomplicated niceness." (chp. 5)
That's us! Redheaded, healthy and "nice".

On writing Mastering The Art Of French Cooking: "Seeing one's inadequate English frozen into type was a lesson in humility." (chp. 6)
No kidding - so often I feel the same way.

Also, to describe a mutt, she called it "a large dog made up of many breeds".

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