Monday, June 29, 2009

so excited!!!!!!!

is having a 20% off sale - off everything online! The sale runs from now until July 4th.
I just love Paper Source. Love them. We used their paper for the wedding invitations and their site is one of my all time favorites for paper crafting inspiration.

Use code "20OFF" at checkout.

Happy shopping!

Friday, June 26, 2009

4 months old

, originally uploaded by Lizi Beth.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

father's day & hummingbirds

Emma got John a Popeye shirt and a onesie (for her to wear) that says "I <3 Daddy", and I got him a hummingbird feeder. We were so excited to see that the birds have found it!

We stretched Father's Day into a weekend event with John opening presents here on Saturday before we drove over to Indianapolis. Everyone was at the Smillie's except Brian who had to work on Sunday.
It was a fun and relaxed day and a half. The guys enjoyed hours of fishing in the retention pond Saturday and Sunday, and John tried to reaquaint me with a fishing pole (I've got quite a way to go before I can be called a fisherwoman!).
Some of the guys went shooting (Evan got a new scope and they needed to sight it in). We swam in a friend's pool. It was a quiet few days, but so very enjoyed.

Somehow the camera never came out of its case the entire time we were there, so I don't have any pictures to share. I'm planning to take one soon of John and Emma in their new shirts. They look so very cute. :)

the next 30 days of the Bible reading schedule!

Day 31: 2 Sam 16-18; Ps 26/40/58/61-62/64; 2 Sam 19-21; Ps 5/38/41-42
Day 32: 2 Sam 22-23; Ps 57/95/97-99; 2 Sam 24; 1 Chron 21-22; Ps 30/108-110; 1 Chron 23-25
Day 33: Ps 131/138-139/143-145; 1 Chron 26-29; Ps 127/111-118; 1Kings 1
Day 34: 1Kings 2; Ps 37/71/94; Ps 119:1-88; 1Kings 3-4; 2Chron 1; Ps72; Ps 119:89-176
Day 35: Solomon; Prov 1-9
Day 36: Prov 10-23
Day 37: Prov 24; 1Kings 5-6; 2Chron 2-3; 1Kings 7; 2Chron 4; 1Kings 8; 2Chron 5-6
Day 38: 2Chron 7; Ps 136/134/146-150; 1Kings 9; 2Chron 8; Prov 25-29; Ecc 1-4
Day 39: Ecc 5-12; 1Kings 10-11; 2Chron 9; Prov 30-31; 1Kings 12-13
Day 40: 1Kings 14; 2Chron 10-12; 1Kings 15:1-24; 2Chron 13-16; 1Kings 15:25-16:34; 2Chron 17; 1Kings 17-20
Day 41: 1Kings 21-22; 2Chron 18-23; Oba; Ps 82-83; 2Kings 1-2
Day 42: 2Kings 3-13
Day 43: 2Chron 24; 2Kings 14; 2Chron 25; Jonah; 2Kings 15; 2Chron 26; Is 1-5
Day 44: Is 6-8; Amos 1-9; 2Chron 27; Is 9-10
Day 45: Is 11-12; Micah; 2Chron 28; 2Kings 16-17; Is 13-14
Day 46: Is 15-27; 2Kings 18:1-8; 2Chron 29-30
Day 47: 2Chron 31; Ps 48; Hos 1-14; Is 28
Day 48: Is 29-39; Ps 76; Is 40
Day 49: Is 41-48; 2Kings 18:9-19:37; Ps 46/80
Day 50: Ps 135; Is 49-60
Day 51: Is 61-66; 2Kings 20-21; 2Chron 32-33; Nahum; 2Kings 22
Day 52: 2Kings 23; 2Chron 34-35; Zephaniah; Jer 1-4
Day 53: Jer 5-15
Day 54: Jer 16-28
Day 55: Jer 29-39
Day 56: Jer 40; Ps 74/79; 2Kings 24-25; 2Chron 36; Habakkuk; Jer 41-46
Day 57: Jer 47-52; Lam 1
Day 58: Lam 2-5; Ezek 1-11
Day 59: Ezek 12-23
Day 60: Ezek 24-35

Here's the next third of the reading schedule that I posted earlier!
If you aren't already reading though the Bible chronologically, you may wish to start - it is really fun to see all its pieces line up in order like this, not to mention just plain good to be motivated to really sink my teeth into the Old Testament and read, read, read!
Although I must say that I have gotten behind on the schedule. No excuses though, I'm still plugging away. Maybe I'll be caught up by July 1st to start the next third of the schedule. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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oh, hello!

John, Emma and Tigger, after Daddy got home from work
(John was getting caught up on the news and Emma was sputtering and babbling away, with Tigger just along for the ride)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

16 weeks

16 weeks, originally uploaded by Lizi Beth.

recent milestones:
playing with toes
rolling to tummy (and getting stuck there)
reaching for toys
silkying her blankets and burp cloths

and just being adorable

Thursday, June 18, 2009

praying for my ... neighbors

Yesterday John and I watched a slip of paper slide through the space between our door and the jam. It was a notice from the apartment management stating that there had been a complaint of domestic disturbance and arguing coming from our apartment.

I felt terrible.

Not because we are guilty (John and I have NEVER raised our voices toward each other {that is, unless you count "watch out!"} and I never use absolutes unless they are absolutely true. Ever) but because they felt that they had to complain about us.

I don't think that anyone has ever done that about me (to my knowledge, except for siblings). And now that it has happened, it really hurts.
I now know the wisdom behind the "go first to the one who offends you" instruction in the Bible. There is no way for us to apologize or try to make our wrong right (or even know our wrong) with our neighbors. Except pray for them.

So today I have been praying that we would be a blessing to them during the rest of the time we are their neighbors, that we would be light to them.
Have any of you experienced this? Do you have any wisdom to offer?

wedding road trip

A close friend got married in Michigan last weekend, and, since John was unable to go to the wedding, his mom (VERY graciously - thank you!!!!) offered to drive with me and Emma.
So, here are a few pictures from the weekend:

must start with these. of course. because there is an adorable baby in them. and a handsome brother-in-law. and it was the start of the trip.

John drove halfway to Indianapolis and Evan drove halfway to Cincinnati. We met at McD's (which happens to sell a fair iced mocha).

bonding time with Grandpa S.

more brothers-in-law, making sure the van was ready (i.e. pretending to drive)

the bride's family hosted a picnic for all the out of town friends and family on Friday night

a few extra hands on deck never hurts when it comes to getting ready for a wedding! Bobbie Sue had just finished curling and pinning up 12 other heads, and was running low on time ...

all those years of arranging flowers from the yard came in to play here (I stole the pic off of Facebook)

Alanna and her dad

exchanging rings

the ring bearer and flower girls stole the show at the end

so precociously cute

catching up, so much to say and yet so little time

announcing Mr. and Mrs. Jim Soderna

Becca meeting Emma (Emma likes her)

various Romania alumni

the lovely and much adored Stefana "Mama" Copu finally got to meet our Em

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the past few days

Monday, June 15, 2009

she did it!!!

Emma has been rolling over on her own for a few days now, and each day she gets better at it. She struggles to roll, moving her head and feet to gain momentum and finally overcomes the elbow that is in her way.
She gets such a kick out it.

Monday, June 08, 2009

do these look familiar?

Maybe sort of like this?

I admit that they have differences, such as that the one I made for Em has a bodice instead of being a "swing" dress and has snaps instead of buttons. But still, it was pretty fun to see something similar to what I made on Boden's site!

By the way, Boden is currently having a sale of 25% off everything on their site, plus free shipping. Just so you know.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

bit about the market

It's been a rainy-ish afternoon, and since it's been fairly quiet too I've slowly been adding more to the market blog and site - there are some very lovely things posted over there!

So .... if you have a free moment or two, you might enjoy browsing. <3

rainy day & scripture memory

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
-philippians 4:6-7

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

summer challenge + a few recent pictures

A friend of mine emailed me the other day asking if I would like to join her in reading through the Bible in 90 days.
It'll be fast paced, but so good! Wanna do it too?

We are reading through the Bible chronologically (which I have never done) and prepared to see God unfold His Word before us in a fresh way. It should be magnificent.

Here's the first part of the schedule that we're using:
Day 1: Gen 1-11; Job 1-6
Day 2: Job 7-23
Day 3: Job 24-39
Day 4: Job 40-42; Gen 12-24
Day 5: Gen 25-35
Day 6: Gen 36-48
Day 7: Gen 49-50; Ex 1-12
Day 8: Ex 13-26
Day 9: Ex 27-37
Day 10: Ex 38-40; Lev 1-11
Day 11: Lev 12-23
Day 12: Lev 24-27; Num 1-6
Day 13: Num 7-15; Ps 90; Num 16-17
Day 14: Num 18-29
Day 15: Num 30-36; Deut 1-4
Day 16: Deut 5-18
Day 17: Deut 19-31
Day 18: Deut 32-34; Ps 91; Josh 1-9
Day 19: Josh 10-22
Day 20: Josh 23-24; Jud 1-9
Day 21: Jud 10-21
Day 22: Ruth; 1 Sam 1-11
Day 23: 1 Sam 12-20; Ps 11/59
Day 24: 1 Sam 21-24; Ps 7/27/31/34/52/56/120/140-142; 1 Sam 25-27; Ps 17/35
Day 25: Ps 54/63; 1 Sam 28-31; Ps 18/Ps 121/123-125/128-130; 2 Sam 1-4; Ps 6/8-9
Day 26: Ps 10/14/16/19/21; 1Chron 1-2; Ps 43-45/49/84-85/87; 1Chron 3-5; Ps 73/77-78
Day 27: 1 Chron 6; Ps 81/88/92-93; 1Chron 7-10; Ps 102-104; 2 Sam 5:1-10; 1Chron 11-12
Day 28: Ps 133; Ps 106-107; 2 Sam 5:11-6:23; 1Chron 13-16; Ps 1-2/15/22-24/47/68; Ps 89
Day 29: Ps 96/100-101/105/132; 2 Sam 7; 1Chron 17; Ps 25/29/33/36/39; 2 Sam 8-9; 1Chron 18; Ps 50/53/60/75; 2Sam10; 1Chron 19; Ps 20/65
Day 30: Ps 67/69-70; 2 Sam 11-12; 1Chron 20; Ps 32/51/86/122; 2 Sam 13-15; Ps 3-4/12-13/28/55
And now a few pictures of Emma, just because she is sooooo adorably cute and precious:

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