Thursday, June 18, 2009

wedding road trip

A close friend got married in Michigan last weekend, and, since John was unable to go to the wedding, his mom (VERY graciously - thank you!!!!) offered to drive with me and Emma.
So, here are a few pictures from the weekend:

must start with these. of course. because there is an adorable baby in them. and a handsome brother-in-law. and it was the start of the trip.

John drove halfway to Indianapolis and Evan drove halfway to Cincinnati. We met at McD's (which happens to sell a fair iced mocha).

bonding time with Grandpa S.

more brothers-in-law, making sure the van was ready (i.e. pretending to drive)

the bride's family hosted a picnic for all the out of town friends and family on Friday night

a few extra hands on deck never hurts when it comes to getting ready for a wedding! Bobbie Sue had just finished curling and pinning up 12 other heads, and was running low on time ...

all those years of arranging flowers from the yard came in to play here (I stole the pic off of Facebook)

Alanna and her dad

exchanging rings

the ring bearer and flower girls stole the show at the end

so precociously cute

catching up, so much to say and yet so little time

announcing Mr. and Mrs. Jim Soderna

Becca meeting Emma (Emma likes her)

various Romania alumni

the lovely and much adored Stefana "Mama" Copu finally got to meet our Em

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