Wednesday, June 03, 2009

bit about the market

It's been a rainy-ish afternoon, and since it's been fairly quiet too I've slowly been adding more to the market blog and site - there are some very lovely things posted over there!

So .... if you have a free moment or two, you might enjoy browsing. <3

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Melissa said...

Hello there! I stumbled onto your blog via the LPM blog a while back. I love your entries and your daughter Emma is just precious.

I just saw your post on reading the Bible in 90 days chronologically. I can't tell you how God has laid this very specific thing on my heart just in the last week. Seeing your post was an absolute confirmation to my spirit. Therefore, I was wondering if you'd be willing to post the entire reading schedule ... or possibly email it to me (although I don't know how that would work since I don't want to post my email right here for everyone to see!)

Thanks for the inspiration,


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