Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Mama, pray."

I've been praying with Em as I put her to bed at night, thanking God for giving us this baby girl to raise for Him and asking Him to fill her dreams with joy and peace and instill a deep love for Him in her heart.
When she has nightmares I've been comforting her by praying for His peace to surround her and for Him to show her his love.

And tonight, Emma Grace has a fever.

She was murmuring in her sleep and then called for me. I ran in, half expecting her to be throwing up (since we just went through a bought of it). She was tossing around and, when she saw me coming, reached out her hand and said, "Mama, pray."

Hearing her ask broke my heart and also brought joy - she is so miserable, and there is nothing I can do for her (she's already had her dose of Tylenol for the night). But she knows - in some toddler way - that God can fix it, God cares, and Mama needed to talk to Him again. She is only just turned three and she knows.

So God, Heavenly Father, You are the Healer and our Comfort. Comfort our baby tonight as You are healing her miserable little body, give her the sweet and deep sleep that she needs tonight. Love and praise.
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