Thursday, January 15, 2009

IKEA winter sale



My mother-in-law Teri, Sarah and the younger guys came down on Monday and we trecked IKEA.
Or, at least, I think the guys were with us ........

IKEA's winter sale is going on, and some of the prices are down 30-50%. After a little bt of considering, I picked up a few things that I had had my eye on for a while, such as:

the Molger bath organizer for 5.99

There were a few other things that I wanted to get, though I still need to think them over/ talk them over with John:

the Gulliver childrens chair (I want at least two, maybe four) for 7.99 each, half off ... which means if we get four we'd only be paying the price of two ... but then we'd have to find a place for them ......... maybe?
Not bad at all, especially considering that they're wood!

the Gulliver childrens table to match the chairs, at 14.99

We'll have to see. We don't really need them now, but will they ever be this cheap again? We don't have a place to set them up, except, perhaps for one chair, but the boxes are flat! Oh, decisions.

Well, we had a great time there, and came back tired, with sore feet and a few goodies. Thanks for coming down guys! It was great seeing you!

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