Friday, January 23, 2009

the nursery

I am totally in love with Baby's room. There are times that I walk and just sit and look and dream. She'll be here so soon, and yet that time still feels so far away. It still seems unreal that in a few weeks there will be a real live baby here, sleeping, blinking, yawning, needing us. Our Baby.

I love this room.

Because it is on the North side of the building, the light is soft and glowy, kind of dreamy. I added a few more "bird" things to it, and now it almost feels complete.



Max and Jenny said...



darcie said...

So, is baby a she? I'm knitting a hat, and will include a flower to pin on. . .if appropriate. blessings

Kate said...

oh, how lovely! Our youngest has a bird-themed nursery, thanks to this great vintage print I found that says "You are a rare bird" that inspired me while pregnant. Just wait, soon enough there will be the sighs and good smells and best thing to sit and start at in the universe filling that room with even more beauty!

Kara said...

What a precious nursery- I love the bird theme! I see you're reading Great With Child; what do you think of it? If it's good, I might get it for my pregnant friend...thanks!

Elizabeth said...

I got here from YLCF, and I just have to tell you, I LOVE the mobile! I made one like that for Christmas one year.

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