Sunday, January 04, 2009

the meaning of matter

One of the most profound and far-reaching implications of the Christian belief that God both created the world and entered it personally, is that matter matters; it has inherent meaning. It is not simply neutral, empty and waiting for us to grant whatever meaning or value we choose at any given point. We strain to touch the meaning of the physical world, to find words for it; but the source of its profundity is beyond us.
-debra rienstra
great with child, p. 27

The source of its profundity is beyond us, but also, incredibly, within our reach (John 1:10-13). What a paradox.

Because He created and came into "our" world, every minute cell has meaning. Especially the cells that join to form a fresh life, and to which a soul is given. Just the fact that God created it gives even the microscopic bits of matter meaning, but how much more so when He became a tiny bit of matter Himself.

This Christmas especially I have pondered over and over the weird and awesome fact that God would choose to become so vulnerable, so tiny. For a third of pregnancy, our Messiah could have fit inside my hand.
I have pondered how Mary felt. Did she ever mourn for what might have been, for her normal life that would never be? Did she panic when she felt a strange pain or twinge? Or was there a slight sense of relief, that maybe she wouldn't be asked to carry this child after all? What was her joy like?
And how Joseph felt. Did he take pride in Mary's growing belly? Did he talk to Jesus, sing to Him, listen to His heartbeat? What was his anticipation like? Was it more trepidation, or was he able to leave his fears at God's feet?

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Arielle said...

Just wait until you hold that precious Baby in your arms. As you rock Baby and sing songs of comfort and joy, you will MARVEL anew at the Lord's gift of His Son!


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