Monday, April 16, 2007

It's A Redhead Thing ...

I just found this website, and loved it!
It is called, Realm of Redheads, and seems to carry nothing but merchandise geared exclusively toward the 4% of the population who have been blessed with red hair. It was just amazing.
Seriously, how many T-shirts do you find that were made for people with red hair?

The sayings on the shirts just made me laugh!

Yup, you just wouldn't understand.

My favorite was the one that read: "consider the hair a big WARNING LABEL. Use Extreme Caution."

And another one:I identify with it! The Legendary Spitfire Redhead ...... :-)

I think I know someone who would wear this one with pride!


Tessa said...

love it i love it i love it!!!yep....i totally ditto it all!!! :) i am going to have to get one of you

Abby said...

Hmmm...a red head cool! I think you should get the last shirt for that special person. ;)

Elizabeth Jacobsen said...

mmmmm, yes. I am definitely thinking about it!

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