Monday, April 02, 2007

"Free" Time

There is nothing like having "free" time if you want to see it fill up!
The college is closed this week, as is the school we teach the CEF club at, due to "spring break" (i.e. Easter Vacation). Since Dad can't get this week off, we weren't planning on doing anything in particular. So far that "nothing in particular" has included a lot of yard work, starting in on attic organization, cleaning my room, baking ....................... the list goes on and on!
Spring break is a great time to get caught up on stuff!

"Vacation" might not happen, but, oh well. At least we are enjoying a clean(er) house and yard! And besides, who says you need to go somewhere to have a vacation? Or that you must relax? A vacation is simply a departure from the normal, necessary, hum-drum-ity of life. Right?

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