Thursday, April 26, 2007

3 more weeks ...

After today, I will only come to school 5 more times. Just five more. And then summer, company, "free time", working at camp, and then ......... school again. Then Christmas, and before we know it the year is over.
This school day is nearly over ............. just one class left. It is the hardest class, but at least there wasn't any homework assigned for tonight!

I gave my speech this morning ........... and it went well! Some of the people seemed to be persuaded, especially Marshall (the guy who likes my "soft, sweet voice"). The class thinks I should be a teacher (?). Hmm.

I talked to mom a few hours ago, and she told me that our neighbor needed a bit of help. So, after confirming that, yes, I was willing to be volunteered, my schedule for tomorrow is full! I will be helping to set up for a wedding. The neighbor lady (a little stressed at the time) said that if I helped her, she would help Mom when it was Mom's turn to be in her (neighbor lady's) shoes (i.e. mother of the bride). The best part is, even if she forgets what she said today, she will offer when the time comes!
Good neighbors are such a blessing.

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