Saturday, March 03, 2007

Barefoot In the Grass

Today I want to:
  • run barefoot through the grass
  • make something chocolatey
  • read my stack of "for a lazy day" books
  • pick flowers
  • talk on the phone with people I miss

Today I will (probably):
  • mow the grass
  • bake bread
  • do my math homework
  • pull weeds
  • talk on the phone with people I miss

Putting aside what I want to do and doing the necessary need not be drudgery. Mowing can be very enjoyable, and I do love to knead bread. And with the windows open, it is almost like I am outside ...
I guess I am just tired and really wanted a lazy day, to lie on the grass and watch the clouds drift by. Tonight there will a full moon, and it should be very beautiful. By tonight I should have most of my stuff done, and then I might be able to sit and enjoy for a while. Something to look forward too!

Who knows what today will bring ... maybe I wont get to anything on my list after all! :-)

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