Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Session 2: II Samuel 7 - Beth Moore

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My notes from session two of the Deeper Still conference, San Francisco, March 9-10

II Samuel 7:1-11; v. 11 - “I (God) will establish a house for you”, v. 16 “forever”. I Peter 2:4-5

Sovereign Lord – Adonai Yahweh only used in this passage, and used 7 times. Denotes the idea of collapsing before God in awe and gratitude – a “this far” testimony. God gets the glory when no one else can explain what has happened to you. Not a testimony of delay, but DELIVERANCE.

Who am I, and what is my family that You have brought us this far?”

How can I cooperate with God to allow Him to do a “this far” work in my life and for my family line?

  1. Move past our devastation with God

II Samuel 6:1-10 - David does not yet know what has gone wrong. He is stunned, angry, and afraid. He does not know what to do – the God of love and tenderness is going against David’s conceptions of Him.

We get hurt, angry, and cannot move forward when we do not understand why God is doing something unlike what we know of Him. Our hearts get far, we may become bitter. “Are You Who I thought You were?” is an honest question. It is a question every one of us will ask of God at some point, but it is what we do after we ask that matters. We do not understand the mind of God. Every one of us will take the test of offense with God.

Luke 7:18-28

John had no idea what Jesus was up to. No idea Jesus was writing a story, a marvelous story – in the blood of John's martyrdom.

The worst that can happen is not losing your life, but refusing to fulfill your God-given destiny.

Choose to believe through the pain and disappointment. He is a good God, trust Him and get on with it. There will be understanding when we see Him face to face.

  1. Return to whole-hearted obedience

II Samuel 6

Uzzah means “strength” – he walked alongside to support the ark. Ahio means “my brother is Yahweh” – no He isn’t. He is your God.

If you hold onto an offense against God, your heart gets hard and turns to do sin – “If You won’t do what I want, I won’t do what You tell me to.”

You do not want to miss what God is doing, but you will if you hold onto an offense.

Song of Solomon 6:12 - "I knew not my heart; it made me like the cart of Amminidab." We do not have a “new cart” - the same 2 poles bring us close to God – the Word and prayer.

  1. II Samuel 6:12-14 Get back in, withhold nothing

Choose to say, “I will worship” through the pain. The day has come for the "return of your dance". Nobody has the right to take your dance away, but Satan will try his best. Do not let him. Dance with joy and abandon.

II Samuel 7:20-29

v.26 Oh, that people might say of me, “the Lord was her God”.

  1. Joshua 1:9 - Have the courage to see His promises

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