Monday, May 24, 2010

39 weeks

66 degrees (supposed to get to 86) with 91% humidity. And I am hot.
When the humidity here gets over, oh, about 50% I seem to loose my ability to cool down. Maybe because of all the extra fluid in my body?
It's on mornings like this, where I wake up around 5 already sweating and then try to get back to sleep, that I feel as if I'm going to be pregnant forever. That I'll always be this hot, this awkward, this big, never give birth, never get to meet our little one face-to-face, count his fingers and smell his sweetness. That those toes will always be jabbing me from the inside and I will never be able to count them.
And then I remember that God said that there is a season for everything. Everything. Even a time for birth (Eccl 3:2). Meaning that this too will come to an end.
And - after a while perhaps - I will miss it.


Jane said...

yes, you will miss some things about being pregnant, but I predict they will be only the delightful things! I sometimes miss having one of our little ones kick at us from inside me. Sounds funny but it is a very special memory!

So sorry it's so humid there. Sounds rather tropical. Just imagine tropic breezes.....well, I tried! And we are praying for you, Dear.

darcie said...

one time years ago I wondered if I would be with Jesus on the new earth in my pregnant body-shows how irrational we can be in "that state"-silly, we'll have new bodies! I'm praying for these last days, that you will be able to sleep and enjoy. . .

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