Saturday, May 22, 2010

of carrot muffins and in-laws

I have been blessed by a wonderful set of in-laws. They have welcomed me into their family with open arms, and I am so grateful. (David sent me a couple of the C&B napkins for Mother's Day - thanks so much!!!)

I found the recipe for the muffins above in a box of my Grandma Jacobsen's old handwritten recipes. It doesn't look like her or her sister's handwriting, so maybe it's from a friend (of course, it could be her's and I'm just mistaken)?

Anyway, whoever it came from, I made it yesterday. I tweaked it a little (a cup less sugar, raisins instead of nuts) and they were really good. Mmm.

I also found that if you are making muffins instead of loaves, it makes 24 of them and takes about only about 20 minutes for them to bake.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

ahh...I saw those napkins online and thought they looked fun! I'm glad you got some!

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