Monday, April 26, 2010

quote to ponder

I finished reading A Life That Says Welcome yesterday, just in time to return it to the library. :) It has been a good book, encouraging and thought provoking.

As she wrapped up the book Karen Ehman said,
"I need to keep a quiet heart. To trust that if God has allowed an interruption in my day, it serves a purpose. To believe that the time to finish what work I thought needed to be done will be given. To accept that He is diverting me from my "plan A" to His greater plan." -chp. 10

That can be so true of me, too. I may not have the "drop-in" visitors to show hospitality to that she was talking about, but I do have a little one and a husband who need me to show them love by serving them. Even when I just want some time to myself.

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