Sunday, April 25, 2010


I suppose I am officially in the "nesting" stage of pregnancy. Projects that I have been meaning to get done for, well, for a long time are getting crossed of the list. It's so nice to see some of these things get done! On Friday evening I finally finished the bed skirt for our bed. (You can see how over on the market blog)

We had a bed skirt that came with our duvet cover, but it was the kind that has a flat sheet-like panel that is supposed to be laid in between your boxspring and your mattress.
The bed frame that John made for us has side rails and a solid piece under the mattress (no boxspring), and I really didn't want to hide the beautiful side rails by hanging the bed skirt over them. So I just folded it up and put it away for later. Maybe we'd have a guest bed that could use it?
John also made the bed nice and high so that we could store our suitcases and so on under it. Which has been just great (they're not in our closets!) but also a bit of an eyesore (at least to me. maybe no one else noticed?).
I pulled out the bed skirt and started to try to figure out how to make it work. I figured out something that would use Velcro on the inside of the rails, but then got sidetracked and put it away again.

So, on Friday I finally finished the project that I had started about two years ago as I was setting up our home after the wedding. Ta da! So much tidier looking!


sogni dolci said...

Can you come nest at my house?

Unknown said...

Well I can say I never noticed stuff under there, but it does look nice and neat and clean cut now! Good job, now you can cross that off the list!

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