Saturday, May 10, 2008

things I've done since I've been married

  • been called "ma'am - and it was by an adult, too!
  • done 12 loads of laundry
  • met the demo ladies and John's regional supervisors at Sam's Club
  • learned to sleep through the night while sharing a bed - it took a week and a half, though.
  • made cookies and bread without a mixer
  • decided I need to get a mixer
  • met the mail lady - her name is Beth
  • watched the director's commentary on most of my movies - I leave it playing in the background while I do other things (such as laundry) just for the white noise
  • decided that I REALLY do not like the sound of ambulance sirens
  • began looking for a house in a quiet neighborhood
  • unpacked my sewing machine
  • bought thread for the sewing machine
  • found out that the Michael's in this neighborhood has a pathetic thread selection - Walmart has a better one, but it's still rather lame
  • used 3 quarts of Coffee Mate creamer
  • bought furniture at Ikea
  • decided we need to find a house near Ikea
  • begun to like Ohio
  • begun to feel at home in Cincinnati
  • watched the River in the rain
  • cut John's hair
  • blogged in my underwear

*pictures intentionally not provided


Anonymous said...

I like the Ikea part... I like that place... alot.
~ Leah

Unknown said...

Thank you for your discretion. I guess we do not have to put you on the FAIL blog. ;)

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