Friday, May 16, 2008

quotes to ponder: the highlights of chapter nine

Christian love is an aggressive movement and an active commitment. In reality we choose where to place our affections.
... the opposite of Biblical love isn't hate, it's apathy. To stop moving toward our spouse is to stop loving him or her. It's holding back from the very purpose of marriage.

When God calls me to continually move toward my [spouse], he is calling me to shape myself into his very image.

Even in the moments of anger, betrayal, exasperation, and hurt, we are called to pursue this person, to embrace them, and to grow toward them, to let our love redefine our feelings of disinterest, frustration, and even hate.

Getting married is agreeing to grow together, into each other, to virtually commingle our souls so that we share a unique and rare bond. When we stop doing that, we have committed fraud against our partner; we made a commitment that we are not willing to live up to.

Sacred Marriage, by Gary Thomas
chp. IX

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