Wednesday, May 14, 2008

my husband's day off

As of 2:00 pm yesterday, I am officially Elizabeth Ruth Smillie. Mhmm. Not only am I married to John (which I have been for just over a month now!), I also legally share his name (!).
All because we downloaded a form from the Social Security website, found their office, took a number, and waited for close to two hours (and were treated to Access Hollywood and Days of Our Lives). The people watching aspect was quite entertaining. So were the commercials in between the agonizing instalments of "Days". Did you know that SunnyD has orange-strawberry juice now? Looks yummy. Also, just so you know, good mothers buy their children Juicy Juice boxes. I think I'll be a good mother, but what if I run out of Juicy Juice? Oh dear.
Then our number was called. "Would number F44 please come to window 4? Number F44 please."
The actual process only took about 7 minutes.
The man was rather friendly (he even told us where to go to get an Ohio driver's license!).
And then we left.

We had our dinner in Eden park. It was a gorgeous evening, just the right mixture of warmth and wind. As the sun was setting there was a rainbow in the cloud directly above us. After the sun went down it got a bit chilly, so we enjoyed it for awhile .... then home and early to bed!

2008-05-13 picnic in Eden park

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Anonymous said...

What a great feeling. Changing my name was such a beautiful day for me too! I REALLY get to share everything with the man I love. So great.

ps - got that tablecloth at World Market. It's rip off W-s. LOVE it and a great price too!

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