Friday, May 29, 2009

little smarty

I was looking at CafePress this morning for a children's shirt similar to one that I saw on someone's blog, and, although I didn't find the shirt, came across some pretty humorous onesies:

That's our Emma! Either eating is such hard work that she is exhausted afterwards, or it is sooo soothing that she just can't help it.


there's also a companion onesie for this one that reads: KEEP BACK 200 FEET

There are others that say things like, "hi, i'm new here", "I still live with my parents", "iBaby" and "sleep is for the weak" (we have been pretty blessed in the sleep department, though. Emma is consistently sleeping 11-12 hours each night!).


Anonymous said...

Vince's favorite for the boys said "automatic sprinkler" ;) oh and something like "tax deduction"

Jill & Dana said...

Will Emma teach Bailey how to sleep more than 4 hours at a time??? They are cute onesies!!!

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