Thursday, May 21, 2009

500th post


I've officially blogged 500 posts ......... wow. I skimmed back through some of those posts, and enjoyed a few moments remembering what was happening around me when I wrote them. Some of them are funny (or are now), some not, some short and some long, but all of them were relevant to me at the time. Kind of nice to look back at where I've been, a bit like the Israelites and their stones of remembrance (Joshua 4:1-9). But enough about that.

I picked up a book at the library yesterday entitled a child's garden by Molly Dannenmaier. Such a lovely book filled with photographs of yards and gardens planted with children in mind.
The blurb on the cover says "60 ideas to make any garden come alive for children" and the photos illustrate just that: vibrantly inviting living play areas. There are three sections of the book starting with the introduction where Ms. Dannenmaier makes her case for complex natural play areas. The other two sections are titled, "home territories"and "how children really play" with subsections of water, creatures, refuges, dirt, heights, movement, make-believe, nurture, and learning. Some of her ideas are elaborate, but some - such as dumping a pile of sand in the shade or growing a tepee of sunflowers - are very simple.
It's a beautiful book, and a calmingly inspiring read. :)

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