Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Love of God

The world does not bid you to sing, but God does. Song is the sign of an unburdened heart; then sing your songs of love unbidden, ever rising higher and higher into a fuller concept of the greatest, grandest fact on the stage of time - God is love.
But words and emotions pass, precious as their influence may be for the time, so when the duller moments come and the mind comes to require something more certain and sure to consider than the memory of mere emotions and stirring sentiments, consider this revelation - the eternal fact that God is love, not, God is loving. God and love are synonymous. Love is not an attribute of God, it is God; whatever God is, love is. If your concept of love does not agree with justice, judgment, purity and holiness, then your idea of love is wrong. It is not love you conceive of in your mind ... .
-Oswald Chambers The Love of God, chp 1

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