Saturday, February 10, 2007

Three Sisters

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The three of us spent a few hours together in our room this afternoon - and messed around with a camera!

I realized over again how precious it is to spend time with Anna and Julia, my sisters. Anna is truly my best friend, and Julia is climbing up the list. There is nothing in the world that can compare to the relationship sisters share.

Anna and I were busy studying all afternoon, and Julia walked in and out periodically. "Studying" probably isn't really the right term, we actually just used it as an excuse to spend a few hours together (something we don't get to do too often, as our school schedules are completely opposite)! I think Julia felt a bit left out - she would run in when she heard us laugh, wondering "what's so funny? What are you doing? What are you two talking about?". I love having her as a sister, but after ten - nearly eleven - years it is still an effort to include her in our spontaneous times of sistership. She wants to be part of everything, but there are some things Anna and I share that Julia cannot. And she feels it.
Nothing should be getting in the way of her feeling our love, nothing. It is imperative that we seek out her heart, together and individually. She is tender and priceless, and we must make time for her and include her.
After all, sisterhood is a gift from God. It is an incredible relationship that teaches us how to relate to other girls, other women, and the rest of the world. We can share things with each other that we can't share with anyone else simply because they don't share our history, they were not there to see us as we grew up (Anna knows more about me than anyone else, even Dad and Mom. There are a few things they know that she doesn't, but she knows more). Friends have not seen us in our small failures and triumphs, all they see are the big things or the ones we allow them to see. Of all the people on earth, sisters know us for who we are, not for who they think we are.
Of course, sisters are also available to help us get out of trouble (and into it!). . . . :-D

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Abby said...

So, I'm not the only one? (I guess it comes with having two sisters too.) Sisters sure are the best. I can relate to this post very much. Yes, my sister and I might "clean" our room, or do some other "job" together, but you know the results. LOL
Naomi must feel like Julia sometimes, but as you pointed out with Julia, I can tell that Naomi is getting older and able to interact more.
Great post, and great thoughts!

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