Wednesday, February 21, 2007


A while back Daddy prayed a blessing on us during our family time. He asked that God would "grow my(Dad's) children up in Your love".
Today I am in need of that blessing more than ever. In my head I know that genuine love is an ever-giving, ever-serving .... well, not emotion, I guess "focus" is a better word. As a person "grows up" in love, as Daddy put it, they desire nothing more than to pour themselves out for the other, even if they get nothing in return.
In reality, though, I am somewhere between genuine love and the self-serving variety.
I have seen people who love genuinely, with abandon and joy, and it is beautiful. Their lives resemble a drink offering, poured out for the joy of others. And mine? Ummm ....... sometimes. But God is nowhere near being finished with my heart yet, and with Him everything is possible.

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