Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a new heirloom

I finished knitting Emma's dress a few days before Thanksgiving, just perfect since I had been imagining it as her holiday dress for this year. It is a rather simple pattern, once you figure out how the yoke is laid out. :) I found it in The Expectant Knitter and knit it up in Pattons "Grace" cotton yarn instead of the silk that the pattern recommended and like it just as well. It is light enough to to be a Spring dress but heavy enough to keep her little belly warm this winter, too.

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darcie said...

it's perfect,Liz, I'd enjoy knitting with you-I just finished Elizabeth Zimmerman's "baby surprise jacket" for Landis; it's a fun one because you can use all sorts of yarn and colors; hopefully I'll soon post a photo of it. Can't wait to see your girl wearing that lovely dress you knit.
DDN for the family

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