Wednesday, December 09, 2009


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with this baby I am craving citrus. it doesn't really matter what kind, so long as it has that wonderful citrus-y smell and taste. and doesn't cost too much.
Clementines have been the best bargain so far, and I have eaten my way through several pounds of them in the past few weeks. They are just so juicy and good. But now that winter is getting into gear the oranges and grapefruit are coming down in price, so I'll begin to add a little variety to my snacking!


michelle said...

This may sound very random, but I hear that eating oranges can lend to a stronger amniotic sac. I remember craving citrus too - specifically all things lemon. :)

darcie said...

Liz, I craved citrus too, or things high in acid, like canned tomatoes-go figure that?
You asked about forcing bulbs. I use a shallow glass bowl, wide enough for 6-8 narcissus bulbs; add small pebbles to half way fill the bowl and then press the bulbs deep into the pebbles, the little tips facing up. Water generously but don't "flood". Keep moist and really in a very short time you will see the little green shoots appearing. Depending on the light, the stalks grow tall in less than a month, flowers in four to five weeks. This is also a nice gift-the bulbs in dish and pepples and just a hint of the green sprouts appearing. blessings to you dear folks. we are driving to Memphis for Josiah's graduation from nursing school--it's cold here but I'm sure you have us trumped!

Jill & Dana said...

You and Bailey are craving the same thing! She loves the clemintines...i cut them in to small bites and she can eat half. It has to be good for you with all the Vit C.

Jane said...

I craved citrus with my boys!

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