Saturday, August 08, 2009

a little frivolity (can be a very good thing!)

John sent me out the door and watched Emma for a couple of hours while I ran errands. There were a few returns to be made, and once those were done I called for a status report, checking to see if I needed to come back. John told me to enjoy myself ...... so I went to Macy's.

I have been wanting to browse the housewares section for a while now, but have been putting it off since the glassware and fine china displays aren't very stroller friendly. But yesterday I went. It was so nice. It was quite, sparkling, crisp, the sales ladies were friendly (but not pushy) and it smelled so good.
On my way out I stopped by the perfume counter and tried on Chanel No 5, elixir sensuel.
Oh. My.
I dotted a bit behind my ear and on my wrist as I was walking out, and didn't stop to check the price, because most of the perfumes I try give me a headache and need to be washed off as soon as I get home.
Not this time.

Oh, it smells so good!!!!!!!!

I was just looking at the Macy's website, and I couldn't find it there, but I did find it on Sephora. The elixir is about half the price of the parfum, but still more than I'm willing to spend on myself at the the moment. It does smell wonderful, though..............

I can still catch a breath of it occasionally, and it makes me happy.

Thank you Darling for sending me out the door!

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