Friday, August 21, 2009

so excited

There is a book that I saw while I was with Anna in San Antonio last summer that I absolutely loved, and put on hold at our library as soon as I got back.
(I was just looking in my blog archive for a post from that trip to Texas and didn't find one. Going to have do that ..... it was a wonderful weekend).
Well, a year later, the book is finally ready for me to pick up.
It is ready to be picked up at our "new" local library, just 3 blocks from the new apartment (I transferred all our holds over to that branch on Tuesday). I plan to walk over there with Emma on Monday.
I'll put her into the front pack, put a hat on her little head and some mineral sunblock on her arms, and walk through the new neighborhood to the new library to pick up the book we have been waiting for. So excited!

1 comment:

darcie said...

yes, that was a very nice visit with you and Anna in San Antonio last August-and the book. . .well, I was just looking at it yesterday when I was lunching with Gabrielle and the girls; I told julia that the recipes are fun, but the shoes on the front of the book--I would wear a pair like that! blessings

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