Friday, April 03, 2009

adorably precious

"May Flowers"

I ran across the artwork of sarahjanestudios this evening, and just love it. She sells prints and greeting cards with delightful images of children and animals on them, all with a slightly French feel. The images are simple and have such soft colors; they remind me of the books Pat The Bunny and Babar. So delightful. Love them.
The greeting cards are smaller than the art prints, but so much cheaper. Wouldn't it be fun to order a few to frame?

"Breakfast Bunny"
"Mistletoe Kisses"

art by sarahjane


Abigail said...

too too cute! love them

Sara said...

I'm a big fan too! I ordered a silhouette print of Sam and Ben before Gigi was born to have a keepsake of when our family was just two little boys. I would really like a print for Georgia's room too. Maybe for her birthday... BTW, love your new blog banner.

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