Monday, February 09, 2009

because I had to show someone

Robin T-Strap

Oooo, baby shoes!!! I was browsing the sale section of the Stride Rite website this morning, and found these ...... I love them! Probably because they kind of match some that I have in my size. (Mommy and Me shoes?:D) These are the "first steps" kind: some stability and support, but still really flexible. I also found some "crawlers":

Lil Gabby

The only thing is, it seems as if all the cutest baby girl shoes are either pink or raspberry! I really like pink and raspberry, but I would also like our Little One to have some baby shoes that are white or brown, or green, or red ... not just PINK.

Lil Katy

Wait, I take that back. They can be found. For full price, though ...


Of course, they still have the classic baby cruisers, ever so slightly updated from when I and my four brothers and sisters wore the same pair (over the course of 13 years!). Now those would be cute, and possibly keep them for all our children to share? Thinking of it that way, they might be worth the price. Maybe.

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