Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby update

So, today the little pregnancy ticker reads, "40 weeks and 0 days pregnant", which means that today we have officially reached our baby's "due" date. And at this point, since the crib is still empty, it looks as if she just might be "late".

In light of that, we scheduled an induction appointment at the hospital for the 26th, at 7 a. m. (ike! that sounds early!), and are praying that we don't have to keep it. I am a little skittish about the whole idea of inducing labor, even though I know that if that is the way God wants our baby to be born, it will work out fine. I just would greatly prefer to go into labor naturally. Either way, though, His plan is perfect, He is sovereign, and He will take care of us. We are very eager to be able to finally hold her in our arms, and not just feel her through my tummy, but it felt so odd to be choosing her possible birthday!
Little One, we love you, and can hardly wait to see your little face! <3

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Jill & Dana said...

The way that we induced my labor was LOTS and LOTS of walking! We spent all day wednesday walking the mall, grocery store and running errands and my water broke that night. You are both in my prayers!!
Jill :)

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