Thursday, January 03, 2008

new every morning

-California Sunrise-

the steadfast love of the LORD never ceases/ His mercies never come to an end
they are new every morning/ ... great is Thy faithfulness O LORD
great is Thy faithfulness

I love living in California. I even love living in the San Joaquin Valley. One thing I love about living in the San Joaquin Valley of California is that we have sunrises that do not merely cause you to catch your breath and worship, but that take your breath away entirely.
The view this morning was no exception.
Of course, there are days where the mountains seem to be non existent because of the smog, but the sunrise is always stunning.
This morning's sunrise reminded me that God is good to me, very good. His mercies are always new. He sees my need and begins to meet it before I am even aware that it exists.
He is good.

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