Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Second Week

The second week of school is over. I finally have all of my textbooks, and the stack is pretty heavy - not to mention expensive. Whew!

The classes I am taking this semester are:
  • Math 101 (2 books, must bring 1, sometimes 2)
  • Physical Fitness (no text book)
  • Public Speaking (1 book, must bring)
  • Sociology (1 book, should read . . . )
  • Spanish (3 books, must bring 2, sometimes 3)
= 14 units

All that, in hopes of what? That I'll be smarter? Hah! One thing is sure, I will be using more of my brain (as well as other muscles that I didn't know I had, thanks to Mr. Keysaw :-) ).
These book, for better or worse (hopefully better) are to reside at my hip (in my bag) every Tuesday and Thursday, from now until the end of May. The end of May seems so f a r a w a a a y y . . . .

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