Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Imperial Sand Dunes, 2007

Honey, I'm ho-ome! Rather, we are home. Home from a wonderful and wearying vacation.
We spent about four days in the Algadones/Glamis Dunes, which are in the Imperial Valley, about 20 miles north of the California/Mexico border (there is even a town near there by the name of "Calexico").

Daniel's friend Matt went down with us, as well as Dad's brother Bernie. Grandpa and Grandma, as well as Bernie's wife, Lynn joined us over the next few days. So we had a nice little crew gathered by Saturday morning, when some of us (Dad, Mom, me, Julia, & Ben) left for home.

Ben, me, Matt, Daniel, Anna, & Julia

We all had a great time, and we all got really dirty! Ben learned how to ride a motorcycle - he even learned how to shift! Ben and Julia also enjoyed riding in a handle-less shovel as it was towed behind a quad.

Julia got pretty good on the 100, she even tooled around in the small sand hills a bit!

Even Mom joined in the fun! Daniel gave her a "refresher course" :)

There was an accident on the 10, with traffic at a standstill for over an hour - perfect time to experiment with the camera!

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Unknown said...

wow... that looks incredibly fun!

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