Monday, February 08, 2010

a one-car family

I stumbled upon this post this morning, and found it to be quite encouraging.
As some of you know, John and I have been driving one car since we got married. It has worked out fine overall, but there have definitely been times when I/we have thought about buying another!
Since we aren't in a position to afford one (and by afford I mean pay cash for, etc) without digging into our savings, we have put the idea on the back burner for the near future.
Reading Liz's thoughts on the subject was good, reminding me that not only are others in our situation thriving, but there are actually benefits to it.
Obvious benefits are financial, of course, but also personal. I, too, have had to be organized with my time and shopping trips, and that organization has been good for me. :)

There is one thing in particular that she said that was especially encouraging:
"On a more personal level, I feel that our situation has also blessed me with the opportunity to truly blossom in our home and to focus on my life there."

It's true. When you don't have the option of driving away, home becomes your focus. My challenge is to take joy in that, and not let it become a grumbling point.
As I'm reminded of over and over, this season of life is passing quickly, and I need to focus on it, not the "someday". Emma will be our only child for just a few more months, and she is growing so quickly. With the new baby I will need to focus on two instead of one, and there will be increasingly less time. Focusing on our home and each other (as well as our friends) is something that we will never regret.

And as Liz said to close her post, I may not get out much, but you are welcome to come over! I'll put on the coffee or tea and we can visit a while. :)


darcie said...

So, I checked out that post and was amazed to see the tiny blue car in the photo-that little Fiat is the kind we had when Rachel and Luke were little and we lived in Oregon-the doors open outward-hmmm, I wonder what ever happened to that car? I know that John replaced the engine at least once! We have been a one car family for most of our married life (38 years)-one of the top perks is that there is only one car to break down and need repairs. We have one car and I have a bicycle riding husband! blessings to you-Emma is sure getting cute, cute, cuter.

Amy said...

One other thing I love about not having another car/not being able to drive, is that Aaron and I HAVE to do things together; the mundane things that people usually do by themselves, like grocery shopping, going to the hardware store, stopping at the post office, etc. I feel in a lot of ways it will make us closer as a family, not only for us, but as an example of how close a family should be for our children, did that make sense? hahahahah!


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