Thursday, September 03, 2009

the plan for today is:

p.s. i got the bathroom painted, and we walked to the library. Emma was holding on to her hat the whole way there and back - so cute! I have no idea why she did it (she never has before), but everyone who saw her thought that she was adorable.

1. clear my inbox,

2. paint the master bathroom,

and 3., take care of Emma.

We might go swimming (because Summer is ending and I want to try to get as much pool time in as we can before that happens) or to the library, too. We'll see how far we get. I have a feeling that mostly I'll be taking care of Emma, but maybe I can make use of her naps ......


Jane said...

I'd volunteer to take care of Emma! Those chubby legs are going to be busy crawling soon! She is so cuddle-able!

The paint color is pretty. Painting is lots of fun!

love from Mom

Jane said...

Dad says he thinks she's adorable too! Ben was just standing here gazing over my shoulder looking at Emma holding her hat, and he has a big grin on his face.
She is a charmer, that one!

sogni dolci said...

Oh what a FABulous picture! :) big kisses to Emma!

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