Friday, September 18, 2009

a divergence ...

a rooting jar, hanging in our window

... from posts all about Emma, that is (and yes, I did just go look up "divergence" to see if it really is a word, which it is, and if it means what I want it to, which it does).

I love Crate & Barrel. I mean, I love Crate & Barrel. Not obsessively, but I have a very strong affection for that store. I even registered there for our wedding when there weren't any C & B stores in Fresno. Walking in and seeing rows and rows of shining glass, white porcelain and china, and the brilliant colors of the crisp linens brings me such joy. It also brings memories of the first time I was introduced to it by my Gramma, walking in carefully and holding her hand lest I break something, enjoying the smell of candles and wood. The vivid colors and all that white china, the pots and pans. The gadgets I had no idea what they were for. It is such a wonderful place .....

So, imagine my delight a few weeks ago when I found out that there are others who share my love!

"the feeling of being with [my mother], in that store, surrounded by so much cooking possibility, stuck with me. Contained within the shelves there, packed away amidst the plain white plates and jelly jar glasses, were meals as yet uncooked, conversations unspoken, a whole future of smells and tastes and togetherness."
"... being surrounded by anything food-related -- kitchen ware included -- brings me a calm usually reserved for places of worship."

-Emily Franklin, Too Many Cooks

There is something so exciting and yet restful and calming about a store that is devoted to homemaking, entertaining and cooking. And I can't get enough.


darcie said...

I like that store too-there's not one in San Antonio, but there's an outlet not too far away! So, was that memory with Gramma Moose? blessings

Manomora said...

Beautiful pic, beatiful blog

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