Monday, July 27, 2009


We gave John a movie and ...

... Twister!

Emma really loves the Twister box

[self] family portrait

gift from mom and dad

the cake - with coconut on top


Jane said...

I absolutely LOVE the dimples on Emma's elbows! The picture of her holding the Twister box is just too much! :)

You guys have the best smiles! But then, you're the Smillies!

We love you!!
Mom and Dad

p.s. Sure hope the rest of John's gifts arrive from us soon! They must be on the slow banana boat or something....

sogni dolci said...

Is that your favorite movie John? Or was it a, "I got this for me I mean uh YOU honey!" wink wink

Elizabeth Smillie said...

wellllll, maybe? ;)

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