Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Favorite

Anna passed on this blog to me, and it is now one of my favorites. She thinks that I should do something similar: post pictures of - and recipes for - all the yummy things that I am cooking up for John. Well, for both of us. Because I am really enjoying doing it, and probably enjoy eating them just as much as he does ........
I'll do my best. For a while.

So, I have made sourdough bread. And oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. And tortilla soup. And pot roast. As well as mushroom chicken, Ambrosia, green beans with lemon .... just things that I have memorized the recipes for or made up as I went along (or got the recipe off the bag the stuff came in, i.e. the cookies) because my cookbooks are somewhere between here and Colorado, and our Internet has been on the fritz for the last week.

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