Thursday, February 21, 2008

thought of the moment

I miss John so much. So very much. And love him, too! (Did I need to add that?)

Am I dreaming such absurdities
I’m flying, and you’re here with me
We fingerpaint the sky

Chase constellations sliding by
Connect their dots and dance on tightropes in between
We twirl and
laugh about these crazy things we dream
And then I kiss you
And I wake myself

Still laughing

It’s daybreak, and the whole world’s new
The sun smiles, but where are you?

Wish I could hold you again

Nothing a daydream cannot mend

You smile and promise me you’ll always be around

I whisper hallelu’s and sing your name out loud
But no one hears me
Well, at least for now I’m smiling
"amusing" by chris rice

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