Monday, December 24, 2007

quiz result

Which Disney Princess Are You?

You are Belle. You are strong, deep, and you are not a slave to petty superficial things. You are independent and allow yourself to see inner beauty without sacrificing your values. You are almost too good of a person.
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This was funny. "Strong, deep, ... Almost too good of a person." Yup. That's me. (HAH!) But I was quite flattered to be compared to Belle. After all, she is my favorite princess (and if anyone wants to get me a really great Christmas present, Beauty and the Beast is a wonderful idea ...).

Which Famous Artist Are You?

You are Ansel Adams. Your artistic tool of choice is the camera, but you've got lots of other skills as well. Spoiled when you were young, you grew up to be a loving person and you have a deep affinity for nature and all things black and white.
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Once again, I was flattered. I mean, really, Ansel Adams. Wow. But, "spoiled when I was young"? Hmm. Maybe I should find something better to waste my time on ...

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