Friday, October 26, 2007


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At last they turned into their bunks in the cart; and Toad, kicking out his legs, sleepily said, "Well, good night you fellows! This is the real life for a gentleman! Talk about your old river!" "I don't talk about my river," replied the patient Rat. "You know I don't, Toad. But I think about it," he added ... in a lower tone. "I think about it - all the time!"
- The Wind In The Willows, chp 2 "The Open Road", by Kenneth Grahame
I may not talk about the things that are on my heart, but I think about them. Oh, I think about them!
Just because you may not hear about it does not mean that I do not care. I probably care more than you ever dreamed or realized. Remember, the surface of the river may appear to be smooth and still, but underneath there are strong and powerful currents.

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