Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Showers of Blessings

Now we (John and I) have everyday DISHES! Lots and lots of them, too.
Yesterday Mom was out shopping and ran across a super close-out on the set pictured above ........... and bought enough for a 12 3-piece place settings, plus fruit bowls. There was only one mug, but she bought that, too. She and Dad decided to make them into a pre-wedding (and, in this case, pre-engagement) gift.
Isn't God great?!!!!!
My parents are also very kind....... :-)

I have been packing the dishes into boxes today, and discovered that they are heavy. Very heavy. The box of six plates and four bowls weighs somewhere over 25 pounds (now I am glad I looked for small boxes!). Maybe there is a positive correlation between the weight and quality of dishes? :-)

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