Tuesday, September 21, 2010

you know you're a mother of two under the age of two when:

you find yourself figuring out how to nurse a 15 1/2 lb baby and help a little one on to the potty seat at the same time (quite the trick!).


sogni dolci said...

you know you're a mother of four when you stop trying to do this :) hahahaha

Jane said...

I think I remember vacuuming while nursing.....and then there was the time I was watching you children play on the deck of the cabin and I cried out worriedly, "Where's the baby?" and my mother just laughed at me, because there was the baby (Anna) in my arms, nursing!! So, it goes from being "busy" to being "absent-brained". If you are still in the "busy" phase, be comforted. You still have a brainful head.

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