Saturday, November 07, 2009


Gramma, Anna and Lizzie, 1988

Emma, Sarah and I took a last minute trip to the Bay a week ago Wednesday. Gramma is not doing very well, and she wanted to see me and Emma again. It was a good trip, but a difficult one.

I'm still feeling rather numb, but going through some boxes of old photos is helping. It's bringing the memories and the tears.


Jane said...

hi Sweetie,
You are so blessed to have had all the precious and loving times with your Gramma. And, it's a wonderful testimony that she is someone who will be really MISSED.


darcie said...

I love this photo, Lizzie, this is how I remember your dear grandmother. I prayed for you during your visit with her and the family. I'm sure Emma was a great blessing too. When Rachel was a baby we would visit John's grandfather in the nursing home-all the residents loved her.

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