Thursday, October 01, 2009

photo roundup from the last 24 hours

good use for iced tea spoons #3: sour cream servers (if serving straight from the mega huge tub).
good use #2 is getting to the bottom of large jam jars without getting your hands sticky.

yes, this is a picture of our sweet baby "kissing" (sucking on) the trash can (such activity is NOT encouraged in this home!). we got this trash can for our wedding from Target (they no longer sell it but you can find something similar here) and it has been wonderful: it is the perfect size for grocery bags (so we have never needed to buy trash bags, plus we are being "green" in our own way) and has little "handles" to hook the bag over so that it won't fall into the can. It is a bit on the small side, but we tend to take the trash out frequently anyway, since it is the the kitchen can and tends to get a bit stinky.

I walked into our bedroom last night to find a VERY happy baby laughing on our bed.

she was being closely watched by her daddy, and they were having a wonderful time
(somehow this photo of John reminds me of some of the ones from his high school years ....... but with a slightly receding hairline).

1 comment:

sogni dolci said...

ok, so now i NEED to know "good use for iced tea spoons" #1!!!

p.s. what a cute baby... :) giggly times on the bed are my favorite!

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