Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Emma Grace Elizabeth, 2/26/09

and twelve hours later ...

8 lbs, 15 oz
11:31 pm
20 1/2" long

We are at home now - happy, healthy, and enjoying each other. I'll post more pictures and a bit about Emma later, as the time comes! For now, Mom posted a play-by-play on her blog. She, Julia and Ben are coming tomorrow, so I'll get back to you when I can! Maybe when Grandma is holding Emma ... :)


Kaylee Bean said...

Oh, Lizzie! (I feel like Jane in Pride and Prejudice :-) "Oh, Lizzie!")

She is beautiful and so are you! I am so so glad that Emma is finally here and that you can have your family with you. :-)

Max and Jenny said...

Congratulations, Lizzie! I'm so happy for you! (You do NOT look like you just had a baby in those pictures! :-) )


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