Saturday, December 13, 2008

prepare Him room II

I just started listening to a series of Advent sermons titled "Prepare Him Room". The first sermon focused on humility, on us humbling ourselves to make room in our hearts for wonder at Christ's coming. The amazement and glorious wonder of God made flesh is so easily eclipsed by "us" and "me"; when we aren't lauding each other - or ourselves - we seem to be criticizing or condemning, pitying, loathing. It all adds up to the same thing - being self-centered rather than God-centered.
I'm looking forward to listening to the rest of the sermons as they are posted, and also pondering "preparing room" and how it looks in my life, right now.


Arielle said...

Great photography! What sermon series is it? It sounds good!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Elizabeth Smillie said...

It's from Rockharbor ... I added a link to the sermons in the post. :)

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