Friday, September 19, 2008

chicken pot pie ........

Mmmmm ... fall goodness.

The other day I called John at work and asked what he thought of having a pot pie for dinner. He was quite enthusiastic about the idea, and could hardly wait to get home.
It was one of those "fall is here, kind-of-sort-of" days, and I felt like making some comfort food. Chicken pot pie is high on my list of comfort food, along with Sour Patch Kids, gummi bears, hot chocolate, goulash, sour cream mashed potatoes with green peas, BBQ tri-tip done medium rare, coffee ...
I grabbed one of my copies of Joy of Cooking (the one that sits on the microwave) and thumbed through it looking for a recipe. To my dismay, the only one it had called for a chicken hash-like filling. No veggies. To be comfort food, my pot pies must have veggies. And lots of peas. So I pulled out my box of cookbooks, and continued looking.
Betty Crocker helped, but she asked for a puff pastry crust, and I was unwilling to take the three+ hours to make puff pastry. I knew what crust I wanted to use, but I needed some guidelines for baking times, etc. for a double crust (another essential element) pot pie.
So, after about 10 more minutes on, I came up with a mish-mash of recipes and set to work, hoping it would turn out like the ones in my memory.

And the recipe will follow in a few days, cuz John and I are heading up to Indy to spend the weekend celebrating Sarah and Teri's birthdays.
So you'll have to wait!

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